Case Studies

Case Study

The Business Manager of a Charlotte, NC Packaging Group invited NCP to present our capabilities and share our customer service philosophy during their weekly sales call...

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I have trusted NCP with my largest poly bag accounts for a number of years.  Their attention to detail and communication is matched by very few in the business world.

National Distribution Company (Midwest)

NCP is my go-to poly bag supplier when it comes to wicketed bags.  No other bag runs on automated equipment like theirs.

East Coast Distribution Company

If you’re looking for quality staple pack bags and a company that is easy to do business with, NCP is that company!

Midwest Distribution Company

I have been doing business with NCP for over 10 years and their attention to customer service is second to none in the industry.  They make doing business in the industry fun and easy.

South East Distribution Company

North Coast Plastics shows a commitment to customer satisfaction that isn’t duplicated anywhere else in the industry.

East Coast Distributor

Your Lead Times Are Critical

The Business Manager of a Charlotte, NC Packaging Group invited NCP to present our capabilities and share our customer service philosophy during their weekly sales call. Following that call, one of the sales reps was intrigued enough to contact us. He was very dissatisfied with his plastic bag supplier due to long lead times, high prices and a lack of attention to his needs. Until he met NCP, he didn't  know of any viable alternative suppliers. When we explained how extruding our own film allows us to cut lead times significantly, he asked NCP to quote the plastic bags he was buying elsewhere. Both our pricing and turnaround were better than his current supplier and he immediately gave NCP the opportunity to produce a test run. He was so pleased with our quality and service that he decided to award us the entire account. Today we are his “go-to” plastic bag supplier and we continue to deliver the customer service, quality, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing that earns his confidence in NCP.


We Know You Don’t Make Referrals Lightly

One of our customers, a sales rep for a national distributor, invited NCP to exhibit at their quarterly “mini trade show”. At our table, we began to see significant traffic and interest by other sales reps. One of the reps explained that during their quarterly business meeting, NCP had been the focus of a lively discussion and testimonials about customer service. He, like several other reps, had been looking for a more responsive supplier for his poly bags and was interested in NCP based on our reputation. Later, he gave us samples of his bags which we quoted for lead time and price. The Rep was pleased with our quote and was nice enough to award all the orders to NCP. It turned out that the bags were for one of the world’s most recognizable high-end clothing brands. We still service and enjoy this great account today.


Going The Extra Mile Matters

NCP supplies plastic bags for one of the largest children’s clothing manufacturer’s in the country. During our first year working together, we enjoyed a very positive relationship built on price-value and meeting expectations. The following year, however, our customer experienced an unexpected surge in sales during Christmas, and needed millions of additional bags. We understand that retailers, like our customers, often have very short windows of selling opportunity, so they need quick response. We immediately scaled up production to accommodate the increases, and we also developed a monitoring system that allowed them to track the status of orders on a daily basis. We all worked together and they had an extremely successful selling season. Later, our customer contacted us to say thank you. They said they have never experienced such a high level of support and communication from a supplier before. We were flattered but surprised; Customer Service is a normal part of business at NCP.


When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed.

Finding new customers is often just a matter of being alert and focusing on the customer's needs. Early in the history of NCP, we were looking for customers and just happened to stop in at a regional candy distributor. We noticed that they were packaging their products in the types of bags that we manufacture. We were confident we could make the same bags at similar or better quality and a more competitive price for the customer. After a few calls, we met with their buyer. He was interested and gave us a an opportunity to provide samples and quote pricing. When we followed up, he was extremely impressed with the quality and pricing. He awarded us 100% of the business. I guess you never know, so we try to take care of the customer and the business takes care of itself.